7 Big Ticket Copywriting Secrets I Learned from Ted Nicholas

I as of late supported and gone to Joel Christopher and Ted Nicholas’ Double
Birthday Bash and Interactive Marketing Summit in gorgeous San Antonio, Texas.

There was an incredible setup of speakers including John Assaraf, Joe Vitale,
Brad Fallon, George McKenzie, Shawn Casey, Alan Bechtold, Tom “Large Al” Schreiter,
Brian Keith Voiles, Rosalind Gardner, and Sydney Johnson.

Also, obviously, both Joel Christopher and Ted Nicholas introduced too.

Don’t have the foggiest idea who Ted Nicholas is?

Ted is a remarkable person in the disconnected direct promoting world. He’s thought of
the “Lord of Print”, the “Publicist’s Copywriter”, the “Business visionary’s
Business person” and the london club nights of Direct Marketing”.

He’s known as the “4 Billion Dollar Man” since that is the amount of his own
items he’s sold utilizing disconnected showcasing techniques.

Ted’s business card says: “I assist with peopling transform words into cash”.

At any rate, it ought to be certain that Ted knows a ton about showcasing and
particularly copywriting.

Copywriting is just selling with words. At the point when somebody peruses the “duplicate” or words
of an ad or direct mail advertisement and is constrained to answer the deal,
then you realize your duplicate is compelling.

I needed to pass on some copywriting mysteries I gained from Ted while I was at
the Double Birthday Bash. These insider facts are taken straightforwardly from my notes so any
mistakes or oversights are mine.

Secret #1: Write the duplicate BEFORE the item is made!

Ted Nicholas says the brilliant advertiser composes the duplicate BEFORE the item is

Say, for instance, you have an item thought. You ought to compose the duplicate that sells
the advantages of the item even before you make the item.

There are two obvious purposes behind doing that.

The primary explanation is that you find out about the focal point of the item
according to a client point of view since you will zero in on the advantages to the
client in the duplicate.

Keep in mind, individuals purchase items that assist with taking care of their concerns or give them
data that they need to take care of an issue. By zeroing in on the advantages to
the client, you can guarantee that your item is truly designated towards
giving those advantages.

The second motivation to compose the duplicate initially is to do showcase approval. In other
words, regardless of whether you’ve some statistical surveying that shows there is a colossal
market, you can perform one last test utilizing the duplicate you compose first.

Regardless of whether individuals request your item you can perceive them that it isn’t prepared at this point however
that they will be quick to be informed when it is prepared.

In the event that nobody attempts to arrange the item, invest no more energy on it! This
is the brilliant method for deciding whether an item merits making prior to with nothing to do
making it! Particularly for a Big Ticket item.

Likewise, on the off chance that a lot of individuals request the item founded on the duplicate, it is an immense
persuading element to make an item that measures up to the assumptions in the duplicate!

Secret #2: Headlines – The Most Important Item to Focus on while Writing Copy

At the point when Ted Nicholas composes duplicate for an item, he needs to take a gander at the examination, the
highlights, the cases and the advantages of the item – all before he makes the
duplicate for that item.

The main thing Ted composes are the likely titles for the items.

Ted composes the titles FIRST!

Prior to any duplicate.

Without the title you are DEAD!

Since, supposing that the title doesn’t draw your peruser’s consideration and interest them
enough to peruse further, then they WON’T buy your item!

It doesn’t make any difference in the event that you have the most executioner Big Ticket item on the planet,
in the event that individuals quit perusing after the title you get no opportunity to make the deal.

Burn through half to 80% of your experience on your title and ensure that there are no
multiple thoughts covered by the title. Anything else than 3 thoughts is as well
befuddling to perusers. Furthermore, turmoil makes perusers quit perusing, something
you certainly don’t need.

One last tip on titles: Studies show that 27% more individuals will peruse a
title that has quotes around it since it demonstrates that somebody
significant said it. Also, obviously somebody significant said it – you did :- )

Secret #3: Headline Generation Process

As referenced in Secret #2, when Ted Nicholas composes duplicate for an item, he has
to take a gander at the examination, the highlights, the cases and the advantages of the

As he goes through this cycle, he records every one of the advantages of the item on 3×5
cards. He records one advantage for each card and uses however many cards as expected to list
every one of the advantages.

When Ted has every one of the advantages down on the cards, he revamps the advantages in
request of most elevated influence.

The most grounded or best advantages are utilized in the principal title for the deals duplicate.

A significant number of different advantages become sub titles for the duplicate. Any others that
are left over are frequently utilized as shots in the body duplicate.

So this cycle is incredibly helpful for making titles as well as making
sure that every one of the advantages are shrouded some place in the body of the actual duplicate.

With Big Ticket things and their greater cost labels, it is significant to ensure
every one of the advantages are covered. The more advantages you can call attention to in the duplicate
the more you move your peruser away from their regular incredulity towards the
esteem that your item can offer!

Secret #4: Copy Flow is Key

Ted Nicholas raised a statement that a significant number of the top publicists settle on:

“Duplicate can never be excessively lengthy. Just excessively exhausting”.

This means you should draw in your peruser and keep them locked in
all through the duplicate of your direct mail advertisement or ad.

Assuming that your potential client loses interest anytime and quits perusing or puts
your duplicate down there is a decent opportunity that they won’t ever returned and finish

Your Big Ticket duplicate necessities to cover every one of the advantages and potential complaints
that your potential client could have. That implies requiring a lot going
of duplicate to cover everything. So you should guarantee that your duplicate streams and that
they continue to peruse.

This is the very thing Ted needed to say regarding the progression of duplicate and what makes great duplicate:

Keep your sections short and just cover 1 thought for each passage.
The most ideal way to test the progression of your duplicate is to recite it without holding back. In the event that it doesn’t stream normally whenever you read it without holding back then, at that point, chances are doesn’t stream. Change the duplicate until it does.
Have an understudy in Grade 7 or 8 read the duplicate. In the event that any of the duplicate is difficult for them to peruse, you really want to revamp your duplicate. You maintain that the duplicate should be straightforward.
Incredible composing is tied in with modifying. It makes it more clear and easier, eliminating pointless words and stacked with feeling. That is the point at which the composing is genuinely perfect.
Secret #5: Buying is Emotional
Practically all buying choices are feeling driven. At the point when we purchase something, we get it due to how we figure it will cause us to feel or in light of the fact that we figure it will take care of an issue for ourselves and cheer us up.

We might think of a wide range of other objective motivations behind why we ought to make or made the buy however the center explanation is dependably a close to home one.

The last slug in Secret #4 says that extraordinary composing is clear, basic and stacked with feeling. It requests to our feelings.

Thus, when you compose or peruse a decent direct mail advertisement, you want to take a gander at the duplicate and inquire:

What is the personal inclination you get when you read the direct mail advertisement?

Is it Hot?


Significant however exhausting?

Or then again outright exhausting?
Any pieces of your duplicate that are in the “Significant however Boring ” or “Outright Boring” classes you want to modify or dispose of those segments.


Since those segments are the ones where your potential client could decide to quit perusing.

You never believe that they should quit perusing!

Ted Nicholas additionally said:

“In the event that you can’t cry, you can’t compose duplicate!”

It takes incredible solidarity to concede your sentiments.

You should can relate on a close to home level to the circumstance of your likely clients. The more you can sincerely encounter what they are accustomed to the better duplicate you can compose.

Secret #6: Trust

At the point when individuals know you, trust you and love you they will purchase from you for eternity.

Assuming you at any point double-cross that trust, you will lose your client for eternity.

In copywriting, never attempt to deceive your expected client with deluding duplicate and afterward switch points.

They can distinguish that, will feel bamboozled and won’t peruse your duplicate any further. You have lost the deal.

So when you sell somebody a first item, ensure you shock them with the main item since you need to prevail upon them and psyches!

This is particularly valid for Big Ticket items.

Secret #7: Avoid These Common Copy Mistakes in Your Sales Letters

Here is a rundown of the most well-known botches you should AVOID in your direct mail advertisement or promotion:

No title – You should have a title. It grabs your peruser’s eye and makes them need to peruse you duplicate.
Scarcely any subheads – People will quite often peruse in two ways. They either read your entire letter or they check it. To have loads of sub headings to grab their attention and interest and make them read basically those areas.
No assurance – Always incorporate a moneyback ensure with your proposition. The more extended the assurance time frame the more dependable your proposition.
No P.S. – Always utilize a P.S. on each letter you compose. On the off chance that individuals filter a letter they will ordinarily peruse the P.S if nothing else. The P.S. should re-stress the most grounded benefits and rehash your proposition.
No signature – Always sign your letter. It’s more private.
No free rewards – Free is quite possibly of the most remarkable word in the human language. Giving free rewards improves the all around extraordinary worth of your item offering. Now and again, the right rewards could persuade somebody to purchase your item to get the rewards!
Logo on the letterhead – Your logo is about you, not about your client. It’s only another interruption from your deals message. On the off chance that you should incorporate a logo put it at the lower part of the letter.

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